Helping You Make Wise Financial Decisions

My Financial Advisory Services

As your financial advisor, I can help you discover how well your financial beliefs, habits, actions, and resources meld with your values and goals. A complete understanding of your specific situation, combined with personalized professional advice, will give you the ability to make informed financial decisions and move confidently toward your dreams.

Visit my Approach page to learn about the unique way I deliver financial advice. It's an uncommon but effective approach and is a key element of my services. You'll also learn about my hourly, fee-only compensation structure.

Financial Services to Fit Your Needs

Listed below are some financial topics that are common to several client categories. Whether or not you fit one of these profiles, please contact me for more information about how we might best structure services to meet your own situation. Visit my Approach page for additional details.

  • Pre-Retirees
    Retirement Readiness
    Social Security and Pension Strategies
    Long-Term Care Funding
    Investment Portfolio Update and Simplification

  • Retirees
    Retirement Income Planning
    Gap Year Tax and Cash Flow Planning
    Social Security Choices
    Long-Term Care Funding
    Investment Portfolio Update and Simplification
    Portfolio Distribution Planning

  • Young Professionals
    Savings vs Spending Decisions
    Investment Choices
    Insurance Needs Assessment
    Tax Planning
    Education Funding
    Debt Management

  • Widowed/Divorced
    Financial Life Realignment
    Spending and Saving Plans
    Insurance Needs Assessment
    Investment Portfolio Update

  • Family Trustees
    Portfolio Mix and Investment Choices
    Cash Flow Planning for Beneficiaries