Helping You Make Wise Financial Decisions


Thank you for visiting Cole Financial Consulting, LLC, an hourly-rate, independent financial planning and investment advisory firm dedicated to helping clients make wise financial decisions. Based in Sandia Park, NM, I meet with clients in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, as well as in Denver, Colorado. I also work remotely with clients located outside those areas.

I serve clients of all levels of income, wealth, age, and financial experience. Everyone deserves access to affordable, competent, and objective advice from a trusted financial professional. My goal is to help my clients maximize the benefits of their financial resources, whatever they may be.

Please note: In order to provide a high level of service to my ongoing clients, I am not able to accept new clients. Please see my contact page for more information.

Helping You Make Wise Financial Decisions

While your advisory needs likely fit within the scope of standard areas of personal finance, the specific nuances of your situation and your concerns are unique and are best served with a customized approach. Such flexibility is a key feature of my hourly-rate advisory services.

Perhaps your search for financial advice is due to a life transition. That is typically the case. Most of my clients come to me because of one or more of the following issues:

  • Upcoming or recent retirement
  • Widowhood
  • Post-divorce transitions
  • Inheritances and settlements
  • Significant increases in earned income
  • Family trustee duties

Working with You

As your personal finance advisor, my mission is to work with you in an on-going collaborative relationship:

  • To candidly and confidentially discuss your finances, personal goals, and financial experiences in order to develop and implement a personalized solution.
  • To provide you with the information, analysis, tools, and personal advice you need to better understand and improve your financial situation.
  • To motivate and empower you to make wise financial decisions in support of your life goals.
  • To help you to maintain your financial course of action while adapting to changing financial conditions.

I invite you to peruse my website, especially the Approach page as it describes how I approach Services differently. You'll learn what I do, how I do it, and how to get started.

While I am unable to accept new clients at this time, that may change. So please visit my Contact page to learn more.


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