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Chartered Financial AnalystThe Chartered Financial Analyst designation is recognized worldwide as a key financial and investment management credential.  In order to earn the CFA, a candidate must complete three six-hour exams over a three-year period based on a rigorous graduate level curriculum, which encompasses financial accounting, portfolio management, economics, in-depth fixed income and equity analysis, and derivative securities.  In addition, a candidate must have at least four years experience participating in the investment decision-making process.  Also, the CFA charterholder must agree to abide by the code of ethics and standards of professional conduct set forth by the CFA Institute.

In addition to my personal compliance with the CFA code of ethics and standards of professional conduct, Cole Financial Consulting, LLC "claims compliance with the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct. This claim has not been verified by the CFA Institute." [The quoted text is as mandated by the Institute.]



CFP The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation indicates accomplishment in the broad base of knowledge that is used in personal financial planning. To become a CFP®, a candidate must complete a curriculum that includes Insurance, Investments, Tax, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning, and must also pass a rigorous 10-hour exam. CFP®’s must also have a minimum of three years of personal financial planning experience and at least a bachelor’s degree, and are required to adhere to the code of ethics and professional responsibility.

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